Under floor heating

Why stick with the old style of room heating? Heating technology has advanced considerably in recent years, and you can now appreciate a more natural and comfortable form of warmth through the Polyplumb range of floor heating solutions.

Installing underfloor heating brings a range of additional benefits, including a healthier, allergy free environment, and eliminating hazardous radiators.

Floor heating is the most comfortable, energy efficient and aesthetic form of room heating you can choose.

Radiators circulate convected heat around the room, resulting in the room being warm near the ceiling and cold at floor level creating excessive air currents, losses in ventilation, and a stuffy atmosphere.

Floor heating systems, on the other hand, emit gentle radiant warmth across the entire floor surface – heating the whole room evenly and eliminating draughts and cold spots.

This warmth is then absorbed by people and the objects around them, and doesn't need air movement to be effective.

As the radiant heat rises, floor heating is particularly suitable for buildings with high ceilings: i.e. barn conversions and contemporary houses.

Floor heating systems are a far more environmentally friendly option than traditional gas central heating through radiators.

They can use less energy, therefore making them a greener, as well as a cheaper alternative in the long run.

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