weather compensation

Weather compensation controls are a great, low cost way to make a boiler operate more efficiently. They can save you up to 20% on your annual fuel bills.

how it works

The boiler is connected to a small sensor on the outside of the building.

When the temperature changes outside, the boiler responds and starts to increase or decrease the radiator temperature to compensate.

This pro-active mechanism means that people inside the building won't even notice that the temperature outside has changed.

These constant small changes also mean that the boiler is able to operate at the minimum temperature required to keep the rooms warm.

This keeps the temperature of the central heating water returning to the boiler as low as possible and a low returning temperature means that the boiler can condense for longer.

A condensing combination boiler uses latent heat which is normally lost immediately from the flue to help re-heat the returning central heating water.

This creates condensation, hence the name. It also means that the flue gasses which are emitted are of a much lower temperature than non-condensing boilers.


The Viessmann weather compensator maximises the condensing period of the boiler and results in significant fuel savings.

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** Save up to 20% with weather control compensation